baulkham hills

  1. propinvestor

    Baulkham Hills single bed

    The other day I was at Stockland Mall and some agent of Dyldam was selling OTP units for the building that is going to be constructed at the corner of Windsor and Seven Hills Road, I got interested and inquired and put my name down, few days later got email with some image files and price...
  2. cenz

    Calling all Kellyville/Castle Hill Experts

    Hey there, Newly registered member, long time reader. Thought I'd finally register and use this forum to ask those North West experts a few questions that have been running about in my head whilst on the hunt for a PPOR home in the Hills area. I'm in the market for a 6-700k home around...
  3. G

    Baulkham hills or Erskineville

    Hi all, Getting prepared to purchase my next IP. Budget is around 450-470K. I have two suburbs in mind, Baulkham hills or Erskineville. They very different to each other but I think both can provide strong CG. I would either buy 2bdrm apartment in Erskineville or 3 bdrm house in balkum...