1. J

    Determined to succeed

    Okay, I'll be clear from the start, I am a complete beginner, but I am determined to succeed in this industry. I've come to a stage in my life where I now realise I need to stop 'thinking' and start 'doing'. I also understand that property investment isn't something you can just jump straight...
  2. R

    Beginner question, regarding finance!

    Hi guys, just thought i'd let everyone how helpful this forum has been! I've been lurking for a couple of years. So, I've just turned 24 and three months ago I purchased an AFH home for 185k, I borrowed 95% and so with LMI I have a loan of 178k. I have 50k in an offset account while I live in...
  3. M

    Is Bob Andersen's Property Mastermind course for the first time investors?

    Hi, I would like to start investing in real estate and property development sounds as a great strategy to me. Has anyone here in the forum done the Bob's Property Mastermind course without any prior investment experience and been able to do their first successful investment as a result of...
  4. angel0death

    Which book?

    Hi. I'm just starting to look into investment properties, and I'm wondering if there is a good book out there to give me a good idea on investment property strategies, what to look out for, how to structure it to maximize tax returns, etc. I'm not sure if there is an up-to-date book which...
  5. P

    Beginner property Investor

    Hi So I am an electrical engineer graduating this year. I have a job and starting on 60+ per year. I'm 21. I am interested in property investing cause lets face some reality the market is not doing so well anyway and I would prefer to see an investment rather than shares. Anyway I have...