best area

  1. E

    Central Coast, NSW

    Hi everyone, I just came across this forum in my net searching. Am after any advice/help that anyone can offer. We are looking at buying our first home- to live in, on the Central Coast as it is cheaper than syd. Just dont know where to start. Which areas have good growth? My husband...
  2. Jake Milne

    What's hot 2013 (Melbourne)

    Fairfield is a north eastern suburb of Melbourne that has a population of 5,946 and is 6km from the city. Over the last 12 months Fairfield units have grown by 16.7%. The suburb has excellent access to the city via train, bus or car. This area mainly attracts single professionals who are in...
  3. J

    Small Development in Adelaide

    I have decided to take the leap into Property Development. I have just sorted what I hope will be sufficient finance but need some advice, I was initially looking at knocking down and building 2, however have been advised recently that there is not a lot in it unless you do a 3 Pack. Any...