1. D

    Arborist recommendations in Western Sydney

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum having browsed for a little while and recently bought an IP in Blacktown. I am looking for recommendations of a reliable, contactable Arborist covering the Blacktown area. I need help in assessing and subsequently removing a large Gum Tree on safety...
  2. Scott No Mates

    Ripe for the picking

    Here's a little gem in Blacktown - just cracks the $400k mark. (I thought all the cheapies had gone).
  3. D

    Doonside - to buy or not to buy (for investment)

    Hi, I am brand new to this forum but have been reading/following some threads and it seems like a really helpful and knowledgeable community. I am humbly seeking some advice on property investment/possible small development project. I have a budget of around $1.2-1.5m. Initially...
  4. yucky_carpets


    photos before reno
  5. spotty_ceiling


    photos before reno
  6. rusty_gutter


    photos before reno
  7. peeled_kitchen_flooring


    photos before reno
  8. peeled_cornice


    photos before reno
  9. dispositioned_cornice


    photos before reno
  10. dated_shower


    photos before reno
  11. cracked_wall


    photos before reno
  12. cracked_toilet_wall


    photos before reno
  13. broken_shower_screen


    photos before reno
  14. J

    Doonside - which streets are bad?

    I went to Doonside this weekend and had a look at a few properties in the area boxed by Knox Rd,Richmond rd and the rail line. I'm particularly interested in one on Ellie Stewart Rd. Driving around on Saturday I felt the area was quite nice and not bad like most people say about Doonside. Can...
  15. N

    Dual Occupancy / Sub Division Blacktown Council

    Hi all, I am a first home buyer and willing to buy a house in Blacktown. Current Situation; >Like a house in Blacktown >Size 690 sqm >Front Width: 15.4 mtrs >Lot Depth: 45 mtrs >Regular Rectangle shape lot >Currently a single storey house standing in the front part I am tired of calling lot...