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    Blocks for sale with plans approved - Maylands WA

    Hi all, Ive got 2 blocks for sale at the moment in Maylands WA, pls see ad here I think it is a pretty good opportunity for someone who wants to create a bit of equity for themselves, plans have been approved for 3x2x2...
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    Which Splitter Block is best?

    Hi, For several years I've owned two "Splitter Blocks", hoping one day I'd be in a position to develop them. It now looks like I'll have to sell a property urgently, due to some unforeseen expenses. I accept this, but am unsure which is the best one to keep: The first is an 809m2 block...
  4. Block split.

    Block split.

    Not a serious investment. This was my first time at block splitting. The planning scheme said a "minimum 12m frontage", and I got 3m frontage approved for the back block. Amusing. It's a vacant block. I'll be putting a Res A cabin on the front block within the next few months...