1. FJO

    Investing in properties with pools

    Now I know most of us run when we find a property for sale with a pool, especially an in-ground pool. The maintenance and up keep of pools is time consuming, costly and of course who can you trust, right? But surely not all is bleak when looking for properties that have pools? What can you...
  2. fenrir

    Option to buy out all remaining units in a small Southport 4 pack

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if I could get some thoughts/feedback on an option that has come up for my partner and myself. My wife owns a single unit in an old 2 storey unit block (4 units total) in Southport just near the Gold Coast Hospital. There has been issues for over 12 months now with...
  3. mary&mat

    Recommendations for best B/Corp Insurer

    Hi all, I have searched but search came up that these terms were too common or too long to yield results, so I thought I'd ask here instead :o Time to renew B/Corp insurance for our PPOR. We're the front property of 2 on a subdivided block so the only 'common ground' is our shared...