1. J

    Agents liabilities ????

    Guys, I need some advice. I recieved a call from my managing agent today to update me on the condition of one of my investment properties post tenants moving out. He informed me that the house is a mess. Blinds have been all but destroyed, carpet in two rooms will need replacing and a good clean...
  2. T

    Bond transfer issue

    Hi, I seen other people posting here with broadly similair problems and though you guys might be able to offer some advice. So about 16 months ago we (Me and housemate) had another temporary housemate leave, and when they did they never bothered to sign the bond transfer, or formally...
  3. D

    landlord how to claim damage from bond to VCAT?

    * which applications should be used? I think these are the needed forms: 1: summary_of_proofs_landlord_bond_compensation[1]: 2: the general application form...
  4. N

    Tenant playing hard ball??? PM happy with kick backs???

    Hi everyone, I bought this IP back in April. It was already tenanted, self managed by the previous owner, with rent below market value and no bond. I suspect the tenant is some kind of relative of the previous owner but I can't be sure. Anyhow, the lease expired in July and I brought the...
  5. thydzik

    can the bond be used to pay landlord insurance excess?

    hi all quick question, i am going through a landlord insurance claim for rent default, I was wondering if the bond can be used to cover the insurance excess? thanks
  6. V

    Deposit Bond

    Hi, I am looking to buy property OTP with 10% deposit. My funds are sitting in my stock portfolio, and somehow, I don't think that it is not really the good time to liquidate them. Beside that I don't have any (property) equity or savings, Sunset Clause mention 18 months in the contract...
  7. A

    Question about the rental bond

    We will be moving into our first home after a week when the tenants there vacate the unit. The real estate will do the final inspection and said we can be present during the inspection. As far as I understand, the real estate will check the current condition of the premises against the...
  8. C

    Tenants Damaged Property

    Hi, ive been renting out my house privately and the tenants have damaged the front gutters, they claim that they didnt do it and got extremely aggressive over the situation, i have photos of the gutter before they moved in but they still deny it. I did make a mistake of not getting a condition...