break fee

  1. Richard Feynman

    Taking a $16k hit - breaking fixed rate loan. Negotiation/anything I can gain?

    Pending swap rate movements, I'm on the brink of breaking my CBA PPOR loan and copping a $16k fee. Apart from a valuable lesson, is there anything I can gain from this situation? e.g. Tell bank I'm breaking to refinance with another lender and negotiate a better variable rate if I stay...
  2. Richard Feynman

    $28k break fee before buying first IP – borrowing capacity impact?

    I'd like to pass this by some wise/experienced SSers. I'll be buying my first IP before the year is out and want to explore this scenario in terms of how it might affect my borrowing capacity. Current situation: - PPOR loan fixed for another 12 years 8.09% (I know, I know) - Current loan...