1. D

    Broker advice

    Hi, Question to the brokers. For your existing clients, are they expected to fill out all of the bank forms or is this the job of the broker? Generally, what is considered a reasonable amount of time to take to lodge a loan to the bank assuming that all required paperwork has been...
  2. J

    What do you say when someone starts quoting the latest cheap % from an online lender

    Every so often when I share my investment journey with friends, one of the topics of contention that comes up is using a broker. My unsophisticated investor friends would quote the latest hot interest rate offer from a DIY online lender like ubank or Here I would proceed to...
  3. C

    Recommended Financial Strategist

    Hi Just wondering if anyone can recommend a financial broker/strategist. Was looking at using Investor Loan Network but would like any suggestions or feedback. What should I look for in a strategist? Open to recommendations. Thanks in advance
  4. M

    Trilogy Funding?

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has dealt with Trilogy Funding? They offer a 30 minute finance strategy session, I'm hoping someone could tell me if this is just a sales pitch or not?
  5. Finance Broker

    Finance Broker

  6. S

    How long would you wait on a broker?

    Just curious on how long would you wait for a broker to get back to you before you give up and move on. After the applications for a couple of refinances had been submitted we enquired after a couple of weeks about its status with the broker. 4 subsequent follow up emails and a couple of...
  7. M

    New broker

    Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself, I have been an avid follower of this forum for 6-7 years and Rolf, Aaron-c, tobe, Jamie M, Mick C, Ausprop, Pt bear and several others have taught me a massive amount regarding whats possible and feasible from a structure and lender perspective, Thank...
  8. Richard Feynman

    Thanks Rolf Latham (ASAP Financial Services).

    I would like to extend, publicly, my many thanks to Rolf Latham and Sarah Arnold of ASAP Financial Services. Service was consistently fantastic. Rolf is both a fine person and excellent mortgage broker. Sarah was great too. As a result, I'm settling in a couple of weeks on my first IP...
  9. S

    Taking the plunge and getting first IP

    Hi all, Was wondering whether I could get some advice from all the pro's out there, I've been interested in investing in property for about the last 2 years and have read countless threads in the last 12 months here on Somersoft, so feel like I have a pretty good idea of what to do, but...
  10. K

    We bought our first house by cash…Need help from accountants and brokers!

    Hi everyone, We are new migrants and bought our first house in Melbourne by cash one year ago. Now we are thinking to buy another bigger house (for owner occupied) and turn our first house to an investment property. Our first house is worth about $330K now and our budget for the second house...
  11. B

    Finance for purchasing property and building Duplex

    Hi, I would like to get advice on this investment proposition: I currently own a residential property(A)(mortgaged) and the property directly behind me (B) it is up for sale. The previous owners of B prepared a Development Application to knock down the existing old house and build an...
  12. mary&mat

    Broker use

    Just a quickie...why do some banks/CU's etc use brokers & others don't?
  13. Alex P Keaton

    MB who is interstate ?

    Using a MB who is interstate ? I always thought that it would be too difficult to work with an mb who lives in another state to you. Are there many ss's who do this? I guess you can communice by email. Phone calls would be expensive though wouldn't they? Is skype easy to download? Msn...
  14. J

    Experienced broker for HDT borrow in personal name

    Hi, we have set up a HDT with a company as the trustee for property investment purpose. We are looking for a loan in order to purchase an IP in the HDT in the near future. Our accountant told us that we have to borrow under our personal names for the property to be purchased in HDT. We had...
  15. T

    Broker wanted, any suggestions

    Hi all, I'm looking for a broker who can help me get a mortgage for buying properties. I'm looking to buy properties in my company name, not my personal name. My company is based in Cyprus I live in Sydney/England and New York I'm investing in Port Macquarie, NSW mainly around the...