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    Feedback on this advertising I list this property a month ago and have not had much response. Does anyone think the advertising could be improved?
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    Selling in a flat market?

    In 6 weeks my current tenant is leaving my Broome property. It requires a lot of maintenance and is too much for me to manage. I have wanted to sell for sometime. This is a good time for me to sell (personally) but the market is at the bottom. My concern is having a property empty for a...
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    NRAS in Broome

    Hi, I'm a long time reader of these forums but first time poster - hoping some of you might have some words of wisdom for me. I have one IP at present (a 2 bed Apt in Camperdown, Sydney) which is doing quite well. I've been looking to get an NRAS property for quite some time. I've seen...
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    Broome and Derby future

    Can anyone further my knowledge on these 2 markets. Both seem to have some real positives particularly for positive geared properties. Broome has high rents already but i wonder if there is more room to move in the future with tourism and particularly the exploratory woodside project there...