1. T

    Which suburb to look at, 450K budget, 2 beds

    Hi All, I'm looking for my first home with 2 bedrooms and have a budget capped at $450K. Any suggestions on which suburbs to look at? Thanks.
  2. Alex P Keaton

    Family member starting to ask me for money

    ,........ Mod Please delete, I was stressing out and needed to vent Thanks and sorry to bug u
  3. S

    Anyone have HECS debt and what do they think about new budget rates?

    Hey all, Just wanting to know what others are thinking with regards to the new HELP debt rates due to come in from June 1st 2016 onwards. I'm living in Canada at the moment so I'm not paying anything down on the roughly ~25k I owe, but I have this saved up and sitting in a high interest...
  4. Scott No Mates

    2014/15 Budget - good for investors?

    Here's a thought - what didn't get touched? * Access to Super/Smsf though the under 48s will have to wait longer to qualify for the pension * excise on vices hasn't been increased * negative gearing * personal rates of tax (Dazz you have been hit with a 2% levy on income over $180k, a bit...
  5. K

    Sydney Builders ??

    Does anyone have recommendations for a budget builder in Sydney? I am looking to do build an extra bedroom with an ensuite and walk in robe. My price requirements are between $1000-1500 sqm Builders on the forum, please give me your contact details so that I can discuss my requirements...
  6. E

    Finance on share house accommodation in QLD

    Folks, does anyone have advice, based on experience, whether lenders apply commercial loan rates or resi loan rates to share house accommodation? Specifically, in QLD, I am referring to property where "6 or more unrelated individuals reside in a single dwelling". Or what is referred to by...
  7. I

    New here, about to take the plunge!

    Hi everyone, It's my first post. I know these kinds of questions get asked all the time, but the parameters and statistics seem to change so rapidly in the property market! I'd like to buy an IP, with roughly neutral cashflow. Rather than get all excited, rush out and buy someting...
  8. Budget kitchen

    Budget kitchen

    This kitchen was installed in the house we renovated last year. The costs were: cupboards - $1800 stove - $ 600 tiles - $ 1 each sink (2nd hd)$ 35 taps $ 60 double doors $ 80 carpentry $1000 (the timber floor is new...was concrete before) timber...