1. H

    Good builder for Ipswich area?

    Hi guys, need some help. I got a few projects I want to do in Ipswich area. I have a double block in Basins Pocket I would like to build 2 x (house+granny flats) and also another site in Booval that I want to either: renovate front house and put 2 townhouses at the back, or try to go for 4...
  2. A

    suggest a few good custom home builders in sydney

    Hello everyone I have a block of land in McArthur heights in campbelltown sydney. I had a chat with few project home builders but their plan doesn't provide what I really want. I live in Melbourne and don't know any custom builders from the area. Just Wondering if u can suggest a few good...
  3. L

    Luxury builders

    Hi All, I have just bought a 450m2 land in Hendra (Brisbane) and am hoping to build my dream home on it. I realize it's not a big block but I have seen some amazing building installed on very limited space - This brings me to my question.. Can anyone one here help me out with locating a...
  4. B

    Builder - QLD

    [FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][FONT="Book Antiqua"]Hi, Would you recommend a good builder in QLD. Looking at contacting few to get some quotes. If you do recommend someone can you also help me with the following Any particular person whom i can contact and are they on SS forum. Whats their...
  5. K

    What's that damn website?

    Hiya all I can't believe it! - for once in my life I can't find something I want on Google! What is the world coming to?!? Anyway, perhaps one of you will be able to help. I'm looking for a company that supplies databases of property development projects, developers, builders, architects...
  6. N

    Builders in Newcastle area

    Happy Friday everyone! Could anyone recommend a good builder in the Newcastle area? I've just bought my very first investment property and need to build a new internal wall, lay a driveway and build a deck. Thanks in advance. Neil
  7. S

    Third year of defects rectification in a new property

    Defects rectification process in a strata apartment A set of posts with details and timeline of the real defect rectification process for a strata apartment in Sydney: First post of the series...
  8. M

    Looking for a good builder in Karratha

    Hi, Can someone suggest who would be a good builder for residential building?
  9. K

    Sydney Builders ??

    Does anyone have recommendations for a budget builder in Sydney? I am looking to do build an extra bedroom with an ensuite and walk in robe. My price requirements are between $1000-1500 sqm Builders on the forum, please give me your contact details so that I can discuss my requirements...
  10. P

    Good builders for four units, Coburg North, and prices

    Looking to identify a builder for four two bedroom units in North Coburg, Melbourne. It's a knock down the house and start again job. Already got planning permission. Anyone have any recommendations?
  11. E

    Last minute surprise...advice needed please!!!

    Hello Forum Members, After paying off a block of land over the last 10 years, and entering into a standard form MBA building contract with a well established and reputable builder through a separate sales and marketing/project management service (will leave out company and business names and...
  12. W

    Boom and Builders Insurance......

    Hi Guys My partner and I are about to sign a contract for a house and land package with Boom properties (anyone know anything about them, good or bad?) and AHB (likewise?). A couple of things that we're now wondering as we get deeper into the contract... Should we get insurance over and...
  13. mixedup

    How does builder's demand for work track with median house prices?

    How does builder's demand for work track with median house prices? I'm interested in understanding what the demand for building works may be over the next couple of years, in particular in Brisbane. Is there a correlation to house prices perhaps? Perhaps there are some statistics available...
  14. C

    Liquidated damages

    Hi all, was just wondering if you could help. My cousin is doing a new build with abode homes and they still have not completed the dwelling two and a half years after initially starting. She was 55 days late on the first progress payment which she paid $1300 damages to the builder and the...
  15. A

    Kit Homes - worth it?

    Hey everyone. We're about ready to start work on our PPOR, which is a knock down re-build. After a few months of agonizing searching through all the spec home sights, we found one that fit (narrow block), and meet all our needs, and built on the city side of the western ring road in Melbourne...