building inspection

  1. tempura

    Making offer then do reports

    Is there anything wrong with this way of purchasing property: 1. Make offer 2. If accepted, then sign contract. 3. Quickly do Building & Pest, Strata, Valuation reports. 4. Consult Solicitor. 5. If something is pear shape then cool off. ? The risk of the above is: penalty of cool-off...
  2. E

    Building Inspection - PLEASE HELP!

    Hi all, I've had my offer accepted for a new IP for asking price (which I am very happy with) in an up and coming area that I believe has a lot of potential. The vendors are separated and there has been some delay in getting all the relevant forms together, so technically the cooling off...
  3. S

    Recommendation Needed - Building Inspection Company in Melbourne

    Has anyone use these two companies for Building Inspection? I got a quote from both companies and there are about $100 difference. CPI Bear Bottom Inspections Any recommendation of any Building...
  4. cocka2

    No building inspection report for Units !

    Hi All, I am interested in a unit which is 40 years old. I asked for building inspection report, the agent is telling me that for units, I should ask for body corporate notes and not building inspection report. He mentioned, building inspection is only available for houses and not...
  5. M

    Building Inspection In Melbourne

    Hi there, I am new to this forum and I am currently building my Home through a builder in Tarneit , west of Melbourne.I needed a bit of direction related to Building Stage inspections. I have searched internet for building inspectors Can anyone direct me to the right direction...
  6. M

    HELP....Building inspection ADELAIDE

    Hi just wondering if anyone from Adelaide has used Adelaide Pre-Purchase Inspections?????????????????? we need to find someone today as our 2 days cooling off period starts tomorrow :) any information from anyone that's used them would be appreciated Thanks Happy Australia day