1. C

    Strathalbyn SA or Bundury WA

    Hi Would love some input and suggestions/advice on these areas. I am looking at completing a simple sub division (one block into two) in either area. Strathalbyn SA - Is located in a street close to the town centre. Will be purchasing land to then build two houses that could also have...
  2. Alex P Keaton

    Bunbury ?

    What do people think of Bunbury for investment at this point in time? Anyone have properties there? I need to invest in a regional area rather than a capital city for my next ip as I want to get something as close to neutral as possible this time around as my salary is $60 K. I dont want ng...
  3. S

    Water front cheap suburb WANTED

    Gday all... I am from small but very expensive water front suburb in WA. I would like to get in to my second investment property during super low interest rate. But I WA is so expensive. As rates go down, prices going over the roof... If any of the property GURUs can share with your...