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    seller delayed settlement

    Hi All, My contract went unconditional in QLD and the settlement was supposed to be on 07-Feb and just on the day of settlement seller applied for a week's extension. I gave the extension and now again just one day before the settlement seller is asking for one more week's extension. I spoke...
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    Carlton 1 Bedroom Apartment

    Hi, I am looking at investing in this block I just wanted to see what the wise people on here think :) Feel free to reply with a yes/no and why or elaborate if you wish!
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    Castle Hill, Baulkam Hills or Belmore?

    Looking to buy a 3 bedroom family house in either Castle Hill, Baulkam Hills or Belmore. What are peoples thoughts on these three suburbs? I know they are three completely different suburbs, but trying to decide which would hold/grow in value more + best for family life (tough question I...
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    Conveyancer or solicitor??

    I very well may cringe at asking this question but here goes. Talking with a fellow investor recently, we were discussing the costs of legal services for purchases. I used a solicitor where he used a conveyancing firm. While I am not so concerned about the costs, knowing that he uses the...
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    Buyers Agent Sydney

    Hi there, At present I am looking to find the services of a good buyers agent in Sydney. Have just taken on a new role and work hours are a bit ridiculous at the moment and really need some good help in searching out my next IP. Can anyone give me any reccomendation of good buyers...
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    Buying home with drainage easement and sewer main

    Would you buy this property? The property has a easement to drain water 1.22 m wide (in contract) but seems to also have a sewer main that appears to be running very close to the house itself (sewerage diagram). I have read that easements or sewer mains are not typically a concern but I...
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    Common Tenants Purchase!

    Hi Investors, I have been reading all your advice on here the last couple of years, big fan of The Y Man! And last Monday i made the leap and bought my first property :) Heres my situation... I am 22yo and had saved up a large deposit, although because i am still studying and not...
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    How to submit offers on 3 properties but only buy 1???

    Hi all, I've been submitting offers on individual properties for reno's over the last 6 months (one at a time) until the buyer wants more than my limit or I've been out bid by other buyers. Its frustrating to only deal with and make an offer on one property at a time when others are...