buyer's agent

  1. C

    Buyer's Agents article

    Article about choosing a buyer's agent and questions to ask. Throwing it out there for those considering a BA for the first time and/or to generate discussion...
  2. K

    Recommend a good BA in Melbourne for hunting an one bedder

    Hi, I am considering to find a good BA in Melbourne who is monitoring one bedders. Can you recommend one to me? How about "Buyer Solutions" (owned by Janet Spencer)? It appeared in my google search results... Thanks, Kai
  3. N

    Buyer's agents for Newcastle

    Hi everyone Can anyone recommend a good buyer's agent with particular experience in the Newcastle area? I'd also be interested in everyone's general advice and opinions on using buyer's agents. I've decided to do so because I'm moving home to the UK for a year in June, and I don't want to...
  4. S

    Rich Harvey's "Property Buyer" Buyers Agency

    Hi Guys, Just wanting to do some extra research regarding "Property Buyer" buyers agent company, Managing Director Rich Harvey. I have spoken to a few people and have had good reports, as well as speaking with the company themselves. Just wondering if anyone has used them and could...
  5. M

    Can anyone recomend a buyer's agent that services Gunnedah area?

    Hi Everyone, I am a long term reader but a first time poster :) I am interested in the Gunnedah/narrabri area. Can anyone recommend a good buyer's agent that services that area? Any information would be greatly appreciated Thankyou!
  6. ngoli1

    Buyer's Agent Fees

    Hi all, I am living overseas and after a lot of looking, I have found the property I want to buy. As I am OS, I thought using a Buyer's Agent to negotiate a price might be wise and take away some of the legwork/stress. As I have already located the property, all the advocate would need...
  7. H

    Novice in need of some help

    Hi everyone, Newbie here in need of some advice. My husband and I are looking to purchase an investment property in Western Sydney and after doing some research we had decided to focus on the Campbelltown area. Since we live in the inner west and have two little ones the thought of driving out...
  8. mmtrav

    Buyer's Agents recommendations -- Inner West

    Hey everyone, I know the answers are here hidden in the forums, but this is just a shout out to hear recommendations from ANYONE (including BAs themselves) about who has the best expertise on a full search in the inner west area of Sydney. We're first home buyers, have financing arranged...