buyers agent brisbane

  1. Alex P Keaton

    Anyone employed Property Zest buyers agents ?

    Anybody used Property Zest buyers agents? I'm interviewing a few and I havent heard this company mentioned on here. Heres one interesting case study example Value add case scenario I left a message just now, hopefully I hear back from them soon. I left another message with a couple...
  2. T

    Brisbane Market

    Hi Everyone, I am brand new to the site:rolleyes: I am looking at my second Investment property in the Brisbane market.. I previously bought my first Investment property in Feb 2012 in Glenmore Park,Sydney for $317k.. This has been going along nicely with a bit of CG and stable tenants That...
  3. blessme

    Buyers Agent in Brisbane

    I'm looking for buyers agent in Brisbane, looking for someone down to earth and can help me in looking property <= 300K and also can assist me in building the strategy. I'm not really looking a BA that view the customer as the walking number, i want to find someone that I can build the...