buyers agent

  1. B

    Looking for a buyers agent - Brisbane

    Hi all It's IP buying time and seeing as I'm in NSW I am looking for a buyer's agent in Brisbane. I'm hopeful of finding property in the Moreton bay regional council area. Of course I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks
  2. P

    Melb buyers agent recommendation ppor

    I'm after recommendations for a friendly and sympathetic buyers agent to help my mum buy a unit in mid-ring or inner Melbourne (north or east) after a late life marital break-down. Recommendations?
  3. S

    Buyers agent Albury/Wagga NSW

    Hi, does anybody know where to find a good buyers agent in Albury or Wagga Wagga in Southern NSW??? Cheers
  4. blessme

    Buyers Agent in Brisbane

    I'm looking for buyers agent in Brisbane, looking for someone down to earth and can help me in looking property <= 300K and also can assist me in building the strategy. I'm not really looking a BA that view the customer as the walking number, i want to find someone that I can build the...
  5. E

    Buyer's Agent in Adelaide

    Can someone please recommend any good, honest, and diligent buyer's agents in Adelaide? Much appreciated.
  6. N

    Buyers Agent Sydney

    Hi there, At present I am looking to find the services of a good buyers agent in Sydney. Have just taken on a new role and work hours are a bit ridiculous at the moment and really need some good help in searching out my next IP. Can anyone give me any reccomendation of good buyers...
  7. N

    Buying Technique - Title Search / Off market

    Hi All I'm in the process of developing some sites and doing research for my next site in the same area. I see some properties which are ripe for redvelopement but they are not for sale. On google and on the plans some of these blocks look ideal for development. Some of the houses are realy...
  8. brentongill

    Bird Dogs and Property Buyers?

    Hello All, I am looking for bird dogs, property sourcers or buyers agents in NSW to source me seller contacts who have gone through traditional real estate agents without any luck or have an upside down mortgage, under stress, debt relief and need a creative property solution in days...
  9. Garry Mac

    Beware The Median Price

    Hi folks One of the most common statistical measures pertaining to property investment is the good ol’ median price. Median price reflects the ‘middle’ price in a sequence of prices. It is important to understand that it is not the average price – which is calculated by adding all prices...
  10. S

    sydney ,I want the best return !

    I almost donot know much about sydney,but next year we are going to move to sydney ,i want buy a 3-4 bedroom with small yard townhouse or house if i can afford ?between 280-400k.Which are easy to rent out ,does anyone have idea ? thanks !
  11. M

    FAQ: How do I buy in a different city?

    Hi Guys, Just joined so here goes my first question to you guys who know alot : I live in Melbourne, but think that Brisbane will be a better bet over the next say 20 years. Without flying up there 3-4 times to check out properties, attend auctions, what is the best way to do all your...