buying house

  1. meriam_salama

    First Home Buyers

    Hi all! My name is Meriam, I am an architect and entrepreneur working to help first home buyers and lone households into affordable housing. I would love to create some property developments that solve affordable housing needs, and would like my first step to be understanding exactly what...
  2. D

    Conveyancer & Building Certificate - no rationale - revenue raising?

    Hi We are in the process of buying a house. I engaged a conveyancer, partly at the recommendation of a mortgage broker. So far I have been uncertain about a lot of the advice he has given. I check and research everything I am advised to do. In this case my checks have raised doubts about...
  3. L

    Need help for buying house !

    Dear All, Can you please give us some suggestions for where to buy in Melbourne ? Below is the basic requirements: recommend place with budget of 400k to 550k 3 bedroom, double garage (if possible) if not single is okay, easy access to 20 min walk min to train station , within 25km of...