buying property

  1. S

    Advice on property in Waterloo

    Hi Everyone, I am quite new to this and I would like to know some experts opinions. I am thinking of buying it for capital gain investment. I am looking to invest in Waterloo area. I am currently interested in a brand new 2 bed 1 bath 1 park apartment. selling price is around 799K for a 72sqm...
  2. tempura

    Buying process - what to sort out before agreeing on the price?

    I am a noob so please do correct me if i'm wrong :D Before we start with Contract Exchange .... and even before we agreeing to the price, we need to do this due diligence: Building and Pest Inspection Strata Report Amendment on Title (If Any) Is this correct? If so, I would...
  3. aniket25

    Where to Buy in Hills Area

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to buy a House in Baulkham Hills/Castle Hills area. My budget is around 600k and max to 700k with 5% deposit. I am planning to make it as an investment property for about 3-4 years and then move in permanently. I need a suggestion on how many bedrooms/land areas...
  4. Garry Mac

    Are you buying right now and if so where

    Considering all things economic - particularly in the US and Europe, I though it might be an appropriate time to ask forum members a question our clients are constantly asking us...are you buying property and if you are, which state and city/town? Have you been 'spooked' by negative press OR...
  5. Garry Mac

    Will The RBA Move On Interest Rates Next Week?

    Good afternoon all One of the most pressing questions at this time every month is…will the RBA raise interest rates? Whether it does or does not will be revealed next Tuesday. However notwithstanding the RBA’s decision, I believe there is a far more pressing question: will the banks raise...