1. JenJen

    YIKES! Keep an eye on CAIRNS!!

    I don't know if many investors are aware of the huge Aquis resort development application underway for little old Cairns, but it's too MASSIVE not to share. :eek: Of course I do have a vested interest in the whole region, which I am happy to declare, and I'm sure other investors have as well...
  2. laurieload

    Block of flats in Cairns - current rates

    Hi there, Am thinking about trying for our first block of flats in Cairns suburbs. 4 beds on one title around 400-500k, rents around 800pwk. Having never done this before can someone please tell me: 1) is it likely we cant go above a 70% val loan? 2) are I/O interest rates higher? 3) anything...
  3. laurieload

    What do you know about Cairns?

    Looks like we night have a temporary work stint in Cairns soon so starting researching cheapish property up there. Anyone on the ground up there have any useful info for someone who only went through there 20 years ago with a backpack and at the time was only interested in beaches, fruit...
  4. D

    Looking for recommendations: Town planner and removable houses - Cairns?

    Hi all, I own a property in Cairns (large block, single dwelling up one end) and am looking to put a 2nd house on the block. Does anyone have recommendations for town planners in Cairns and any companies that do removable houses there? Deepmarine
  5. D

    Mt Sheridan, Cairns - Good PM ?

    We have a couple of properties in Mt Sheridan and the current property managers are basically losing interest (? too busy) and we are looking to move. Has anyone had any experience in the area and can they recommend a good agent? I am not demanding but expect if I highlight a lagging rent...