1. Buzz

    Borrowing Capacity calc linked to where you can afford to buy data

    This is a calculator I have been working on for some time to give access to valuable median price and past capital growth data quickly. There is no signup to anything to use this calculator. Note it only works in Chrome and Safari It backs...
  2. D

    Home loan calculator

    Hi all, I'm an Australian web developer and have just recently created a simple home loan calculator: Even though there are a lot of home loan calculators out there, the idea behind this was to have a site which is simple, easy to remember and can perform some...
  3. Richard Feynman

    Extra Repayments Calculator (advanced) - fixed interest.

    I've struggled to find and advanced Home Loan/Extra Repayments calculator and I'm not savvy enough with excel to know precicely how to formulate one myself. I have searched the forum too. I'm wondering if anyone had made or found one, which calculates interest daily so it's extremely...
  4. M

    Calculator - worth sharing?

    Hi all, I tried to find an online calculator that estimates the return on property investment over time, and I wanted to compare the result to if I put the same amount of money into a cash saving account, taking into its calculations the tax (deductions). I couldn't find one, so being a web...
  5. K

    Google Maps Area Calculator Tool

    Hi all, Unsure if this has been posted before, but I use this cool tool to figure out the area for properties. It's free and easy to use! Quicker then