capital gains tax

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    CGT and cost base

    I have a question regarding CGT and items that can be added to form part of the cost base. Property in question was built brand new and has only be used as an IP These are the items I believe can be added to the cost base: - conveyancer / lawyer costs to sell property - stamp duty paid...
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    Capital Gains

    Hi all, I bought a property in July 2000 for 180k, I lived in it until March 2007 and at this point it was valued at 400k. In March 2007 I rented it out until January 2013. The property was vacant from January until March 2013 when I sold it for 600k. I am trying to ascertain what...
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    Property Development & CGT liability

    Say I am going to purchase a block of land in my name (no trusts or company structure) and build two dwellings on it. This would be in addition to a day job and would be a one off for the time being. the transaction looks like: 300k land purchase 10k land purchase costs (stamps, legals...
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    CGT - Property value when 1st rented...what's that got to do with anything?

    Hello. Long time no see. A property that first brought me to Somersoft a few years ago is now going to be sold and I just need a bit of help before the Accountant gets back to me. I'm impatient, anxious & excited since they produced an amazing tax return and hope they give me a future...
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    Renovations and profits

    Hi, I am looking at doing renovations to earn an income (whilst still working 9-5). There is so much material out there about reno's, tips & tricks but I really want to know how profitable renovating and selling properties is - especially if you want to 'buy, renovate and sell' v.s 'buy...