capital gains

  1. Scott No Mates

    Market sentiment - March 2014

    I had received an email the other day from a mortgage broker. There was a little bit of interesting reading and some interesting conclusions to be drawn from a few of the points made: 1. 9.7% of Australian properties resold over the final quarter of 2013 sold at a loss, down from 12.6% of...
  2. Shaggy

    Capital Gains Tax Question

    I just wanted to clarify something about Capital Gains. I have a property I've owned for quite long time (can't remember exactly right now). I lived in it initially and then I rented it out for more than 10 years and now I am considering living in it again for a period of time. As I...
  3. D

    If you had only 250k to buy a house, where would it be and why?

    This is of course an investment property to be kept for at least 10 years Ideally it would be neautral or even positively geared but the main aim is capital gains Will be intersting to see everyones thoughts
  4. T

    Builder/Developer Wanted

    Hi, I have just joined forum and am looking for builder/developer partners who would be interested in my property in Brisbane, I have a 7,000 sqm property with a prestige house with tennis court that can be sub divided into another 4 elevated, NE aspect housing blocks. I have access through a...
  5. E

    How capital gain calculated for subdivision?

    I need you advice to structure my loan, depending on how CGT is calculated. My PPOR has just been subdivided. There is an existing house in the front. I will live in the existing house and new house will become an investment property. I wonder how the capital gain is calculated when the IP is...
  6. Luke

    Proceeds of CapGain - to Deductible or Non-D loan?

    Sorry if this has been answered before - I can't find it tonight if it has... If I borrow $x from an investment loan to buy shares Lets say I sell 6 months later (to avoid 50%CGT discount issues) for $x+y Clearly I've gained $y, which is declared and paid tax on. But the critical...
  7. R

    CGT Advice

    Need some advice (i am a bit confused) Property 1 (bought 2.5 years ago) My first Property is a 2 bedroom flat which i rented out in the first year and moved in before 12 months. I have been living in the property for over 1.5 years. I have claimed FHOG on this one. Property 2 I have...
  8. C

    Cgt Help??

    Hi Guys. I am about to start my second renovation... i have all intention of selling this project on completion. (8 weeks) I was going to start a company and buy the property though that.. My impression was that instead of paying CGT on the Profit, i would just pay the 30% company tax...
  9. S

    IP Myths: Unit CG vs House CG

    That houses produce significantly better Cg than units seems to be one of those real estate truisms that gets constantly repeated. I'm no expert but it seems to me that it can't be logically true. If houses constantly significantly outperformed units in capital growth, over the time the price...