capital growth

  1. A

    Confused about structure NOOOOBBBIEE

    Disclaimer: Apologies in advance. I feel like I've read the whole internet and watched every investors video but I'm, STILL a Noob. I've already made my first couple of mistakes and a hoping to glean some insight from you experienced types on where to go from here. I am single, 35, earn...
  2. B

    Due Diligence

    Hi guys complete newbie here. Due diligence, I understand it to be in basic terms, making sure you dot your I's and cross your t's. But can anyone explain to me what the I's and t's actually are?? Does anyone use a dd checklist as such?
  3. C

    Where to invest - Anywhere in Aus?

    I can borrow $1M to buy investment(s) anywhere in Australia. I'm mid 30s and single. Salary is $160K and have about $5k per month to contribute investments. I have 1 IP in Sydney worth $600k. costs $2k pa to hold. - Cash (in offset account) =$200k. - I also have $500k in shares. I?m currently...
  4. Buzz

    Borrowing Capacity calc linked to where you can afford to buy data

    This is a calculator I have been working on for some time to give access to valuable median price and past capital growth data quickly. There is no signup to anything to use this calculator. Note it only works in Chrome and Safari It backs...
  5. see_change

    Brisbane shows first clear signs of growth

    According to Terry Ryder , Brisbane has now joined the ranks of the moving cities Brisbane is beginning to join the capital city growth trend. The latest edition of the House Price Indexes from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that Brisbane?s index grew 1.2% in the September...
  6. O

    Our 1st IP - Penrith vs Toowoomba? (Buy/Reno/Hold)

    My partner and I are looking to purchase our first IP soon - we have $100K in deposit and borrowing capacity of roughly $700-800K. We are looking at purchasing in an area that's set for quick CG and add value via cosmetic reno in order to have property revalued and allow purchase of a second...
  7. S

    Cash flow positive properties. Where do Dymphna & Helen Collier properties recommend

    I am thinking of adding a cash flow property to my portfolio. I always worry about the risk with these locations. There are a lot of spruikers pushing the merits of cash flow properties. I have attended a couple of introductory courses but they never really say where they are telling their...
  8. O

    Where to buy in Vic?

    I am a first time investor with 80K in savings and over 100K/year in income. We are looking for a home around 300K with good rental income and capital growth. Areas we are looking at are Ballarat, Warrnambool, Dennington, Portland. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. Should I...
  9. R

    I Want CG!!

    Hey guys, Going in for my first IP, hoping to spend around $300,000 looking at a few options atm; - older style boutique appartment inner-east melbourne - west melbourne, buy a block and build - west melbourne, buy a larger block and build a townhouse, as equity increase build...
  10. B

    Bendigo For First Ip???

    Hi Guys, This is my first post in this forum, but I have been looking at threads for about a month now. Looks like a great friendly community full of knowledge. I’m looking at getting my first IP in Bendigo area and just wanted to get peoples thoughts. I have looked at Bendigo as the...
  11. B

    Bendigo for IP

    Does anyone have any current advice/research on IP's in Bendigo? We're considering investing $200-300K. We're in our early 50's, semi-retired, own our home outright and are wrestling over the idea of whether we should draw down about 1/3rd of our unpreserved (tax free) super to fund an IP so...
  12. G

    Determining Price: Land Size vs House Age

    I am slightly confused about the price of properties on the market in western Sydney where my partner and I are looking to by our first home. Here are the factors I am having issues with: 1. Are newer built houses worth more than older ones even if the older ones have been renovated (eg 7...
  13. Alex P Keaton

    The West - Perth house prices set for biggest climb

    Another forecasting article! This one is saying Perth will grow nicely over the next 3 years and will grow the most out of all citys. Betchya though tomorrow another article will say Perth is crashing and wont recover for a long time! How do you see Perth traveling in the next few years...