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    Does anyone have any experience in carparks, purchasing then leasing them? Preferably in Melbourne but open to ideas. What are some pros and cons? Whats an effective way to research the return?
  2. Alex P Keaton

    Sell car privately ? or sell it to "cash for cars"

    Hi I bought another car and I need to get rid of my Hyundai excel 1996. It has been fine the last few years except it runs sluggishly. About a week ago the gears started to give me trouble. They stick going into first and third sort of get stuck making it quite dangerous to drive. I never...
  3. Alex P Keaton

    I'm investing again in 2015

    ............... i'll come back later to edit. its way too long. thanks for all the replies btw
  4. Alex P Keaton

    17 yr old car 140,000 kms Versus investing

    Hi How is everyone? :) I havent visited for ages. Haven't even lurked for a while. I am back now as I'm seriously thinking about investing again and i'm kind of at a turning point in my life. Car versus ip. I have been thinking seriously about upgrading my car. I bought a hyundai excel...
  5. C

    Ballarat - transportation around town

    Hi, I'd like to buy an investment property in Ballarat at some point - I'm just researching at the moment. As a non driving city dweller living in Melbourne CBD I'd like to know, how far is too far to travel to the Ballarat Central ( Sturt St) and the train station for your run of the mill...
  6. Alex P Keaton

    Car upgrade will set me back 3 years

    I was thinking of buying a 2 year old car but how can you be sure you are getting a good car. You dont know how a person has treated the car. Even if you get a mechanic to do a thorough check on it before you buy it. And yes I know I could save heaps if i went this option. Prob 10 K. ok, i...
  7. T

    Buying a car... wagon recommendations?

    Hi all, We have a 1994 medium sedan that's getting a bit past it. Hubby is very keen on upgrading to a car with a 5 star ANCAP rating, for bub. He also wants a wagon since we're going to be doing a few driving holidays a year (nothing major, just Syd-Melb), and most likely a diesel car...
  8. My clubman sportscar

    My clubman sportscar

    My Clubman Sportscar, "flashr". Clubmans were originally designed by Lotus in the 50's as a race car that could be driven to and from the track. My clubman is a one off prototype designed by J. Brotheridge. It uses a Toyota 2tg engine matched with a 5 speed box. No doors, no windows...
  9. Vinyl Car Stickers

    Vinyl Car Stickers

  10. Vinyl Car Stickers

    Vinyl Car Stickers

  11. Vinyl Car Stickers

    Vinyl Car Stickers