1. S

    Partnership with your spouse?

    Found this amazing forum and had been reading heaps in the last few days. Cant help myself and wish to ask the knowledgeable people here for some insight. I have been recently made redundant, and not too sure if I can find work quickly. Husband has been out of job for 2 years (sold his...
  2. Alex P Keaton

    Career change - Fitness Instructor PT - Yolo

    I'm stressed out atm. I have been wanting to enrol in cert 3 & 4 fitness/personal training for a couple of years now but the stress/fear of change and the cost of the course was holding me back. I was thinking that i'd do some casual shifts each week and keep my full time job. But now even...
  3. E

    Do you think Australia is a good place to start over one's career?

    For an architect? Just thinking. One of my relative have had her education and work experience in US, hit by recession and now back in home country doing architecture projects for a rich boss (boss is always rich... hahaha). They're not exciting projects, and she's not inspired. She...
  4. Q

    Wanted Reception/Admin with passion for people, property & personal growth-Kenwick WA

    Hi All, I know Somersoft is not a job board but we are looking for a new Reception/Admin that absolutely loves property investment and personal growth and who wants a unique career in real estate... So I thought a member of this forum may be ideal or know someone that suits the position...