cash flow property

  1. superAndrew

    Positive Cash Flow Properties

    I get constantly asked where I find positive cash flow properties, if they exist and how I find them. So I created a website where I list positive cash flow properties that are currently for sale. There are plenty of books, courses and mentors that teach you how to find positive cash flow...
  2. C

    Best Area Under $200K with good yield

    Hi All, As the title suggests, I am looking for an update on where people believe the best properties are under $200k with a good yield (7%+) Cheers Cash Flows
  3. O

    Our 1st IP - Penrith vs Toowoomba? (Buy/Reno/Hold)

    My partner and I are looking to purchase our first IP soon - we have $100K in deposit and borrowing capacity of roughly $700-800K. We are looking at purchasing in an area that's set for quick CG and add value via cosmetic reno in order to have property revalued and allow purchase of a second...
  4. S

    Cash flow positive properties. Where do Dymphna & Helen Collier properties recommend

    I am thinking of adding a cash flow property to my portfolio. I always worry about the risk with these locations. There are a lot of spruikers pushing the merits of cash flow properties. I have attended a couple of introductory courses but they never really say where they are telling their...