1. T

    Perth. Game of CASHFLOW and Networking Event.

    Hi all, In conjunction with some of the other prominent property and networking groups in Perth, I am organising a large game of Robert Kiyosaki's CASHFLOW which will start with a casual networking session. We're having it at 6pm on the 15th of July. We have hired a function room to...
  2. MelbPropMeeting

    Melb Prop Meeting Tues 21 Oct - How to Max your Cash Flow Through Depreciation

    Hi to all Melbourne based property enthusiasts and investors alike, I want to let you know that I run a monthly property meeting group at the Veneto Club in Bulleen (just off the Eastern Freeway). Everyone is welcome to attend. We have been running this group for over three years and we...
  3. superAndrew

    Positive Cash Flow Properties

    I get constantly asked where I find positive cash flow properties, if they exist and how I find them. So I created a website where I list positive cash flow properties that are currently for sale. There are plenty of books, courses and mentors that teach you how to find positive cash flow...
  4. Alex P Keaton

    Anyone else in Mortgage Stress ? 50% Pay ?

    Hi Anyone else in mortgage stress? 50% of my salary is going into ppor & ip mortgage repayments. I make $1547 net a fortnight. I'm struggling atm and my bank balance has been going down! I'm down to $1600 now. I'll get paid tomorrow though. I'll be ok and have some breathing space once...
  5. J

    Atlanta GA

    Hi Anyone who has invested in single family house in Atlanta? Interested to hear from people regarding how long it has taken to secure tenants, rent achieved and in which neighbourhoods. PM me if you prefer. thanks Jo
  6. K

    New Investor

    Hi, I'm a newbie, have not yet purchased, but have around 200K and would prefer positive cashflow over capital gains. If possible would prefer to be as close to Sydney as possible. Am I dreaming, or do these properties exist? :confused: