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    Notice To Vacate

    Hello, I am currently residing in the property owned by my ex-partner of over 10 years although she moved out 6 months ago. We have both contributed to the mortgage repayments and utilities over this period and still have a joint bank account, however she has decided to try and sell the...
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    Caveat on off the plan property

    Hi all, First time poster long time reader. Appreciate any input on my current situation below; My contract for off the plan purchase was rescinded last year by the developer because the market has gone up substantially. They are now putting this unit back on the market and trying to sell...
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    Buying at Receivers Auction with multiple mortgages and caveats

    We are looking at buying a QLD property at receivers auction that has two mortgages and one caveat placed on the property. 1. Generally speaking, will these be released/removed and will we get clear title to the property? 2. Is it possible that not all mortgages will be released and the...
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    Caveat on Shares

    I have a husband who, over our many years together, purchased shares on behalf of our family trust. We have now seperated, and I am concerned that he will cause those shares to 'disappear'. Can I place a caveat over them or the trust fund, of which I am a beneficiary?:confused:
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    A Complicated mess, with Land and a Caveat

    Hi, heres my current situation that I'm after some advise for. Last year I signed a 3 way Joint venture agreement that was for buying some land, subdiving and selling. The other 2 parties had bad credit so the loan for the land was put in my companies name. The land was purchased in my...