cgt exempt

  1. C

    Investment Loan & CGT on primary residence

    I'm looking to buy my first home in QLD - to afford it I will have to factor in flat mate rent and get the property as an Investment loan and pay investment stamp duty. Will I be charged CGT when I come to sell or will I be exempt due to the property being my primary place of residence.
  2. M

    P&I or IO loan

    Hi all, I was wondering what 99% of investors do; interest only or principle + interest. I take it that it's the first and a dumb question to ask. My situation is that I plan to buy my first PPOR but it has a lease attached for a couple of months before I can move in. This means it won't...
  3. B

    CGT - is it too late for me?

    Hi Guys, my first IP was in Faifield sydney in 2006. Ive recently heard you can reduce CGT if you live in this? just wondering if its too late for me as i heard somewhere else if you have the IP for more than 6 years its too late? I have never lived in in it and its always been an IP since...
  4. erwinsie

    6-years rule CGT exempt has Change ?

    hello.. havent visit this site for long time, i have a few query.. first: i heard that the 6 years rule to avoid cgt is change now. before: after you lease out your property for less than 6 years, if you come back live in there for few months, the 6 years rule will be reset-ed. you now...