cgt;six year vacancy rule

  1. B

    CGT - is it too late for me?

    Hi Guys, my first IP was in Faifield sydney in 2006. Ive recently heard you can reduce CGT if you live in this? just wondering if its too late for me as i heard somewhere else if you have the IP for more than 6 years its too late? I have never lived in in it and its always been an IP since...
  2. aniket25

    Moving in Investment Property

    I bought my first property in November 2011 with Tenant (fixed term leasing till 1st week of June 2012). So it will be my IP till 1st week of June.So I am currently negatively gearing it. Do I have to get a property valuation on the day I move in(as it been IP for 6 month), so that I can...