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    Claiming Tax Depreciation Reports

    Hello - I've had TDRs done for some investment properties during the last financial year but I don't know which bit of my tax return I claim them under. Can anyone tell me please? Thanks. ff.
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    How to claim money back from the strata?

    I had to get a locksmith to open up a faulty lock. The locksmith has been already paid for his services. How do I now go back to strata and claim back the money? If I just send them the invoice and explain the situation, will that be enough?
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    How to supply expenses to accountant after renovation?

    Hi There, Just hoping for some advice re. supplying details of our expenses after we recently renovated our investment property. I am completely dumb when it comes to knowing whats claimable and whats not (which is why we have an accountant) but i do like to make it as easy as possible for...