1. D

    Legal issue with architect contract

    Building two townhouses and have made some edits to the Architects agreement prior to engaging him. His agreement states: 11. You must indemnify us and keep us indemnified against all costs, liability, losses, and claims incurred by you as a result of our breach under the agreement. I...
  2. m.evt

    Creative Clauses

    Good afternoon everyone! I've been a long time lurker of Somersoft and have learned a great deal from all of your contributions. I guess I was a bit apprehensive registering because of my relative youth and inexperience, but you're all so friendly I couldn't resist :D So, my questions to...
  3. B

    How to submit offers on 3 properties but only buy 1???

    Hi all, I've been submitting offers on individual properties for reno's over the last 6 months (one at a time) until the buyer wants more than my limit or I've been out bid by other buyers. Its frustrating to only deal with and make an offer on one property at a time when others are...
  4. Alex P Keaton

    Pulling Out of Contract & Finance Clause

    Hi In my offer and acceptance contract the finance clause states that the amount of the loan from ANZ will be $205 K. It was a standard REIWA "finance applicable clause" What happens if ANZ only decide to lend me $199 K? If ANZ dont lend me the $205 K as stated in the contract am...