commercial property

  1. P

    Any advice on Maryborough QLD

    I have a client who has been offered a trade proposal for a small commercial property in Maryborough. Its on the fringe of the CBD, reasonable tenancies etc and I've looked into flooding. I'm wondering if anyone can offer any opinion or point me in the right direction to research the medium to...
  2. S

    Issues related to local councils

    Buying and managing a strata unit is a challenge sometimes, but the things can be worse if the property is located near an unscrupulous commercial tenants/proprietors. In some cases this is aggravated by local council. Here's an example of an issue when a property is located in a block...
  3. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Tue 25 Feb - Networking to Success and the Ins and Outs of Commercial Property!

    You may be asking yourself what networking has to do with Property investing, good question? The answer is ?it?s everything?, property investing is a people game, you need to know, agents, builders, other investors and the list goes on. Do you think it would be better to have a great network to...
  4. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Property Meeting 30 Oct - Getting Creative with Renos / Commercial Property

    This month's meeting has something for most people, whether it is people wanting to renovate on a budget through creative shopping, learning about baliff's auctions (yep, not just in the USA) or for those wanting to get involved in commercial property but are not sure where to start, you will...
  5. K

    kana learns to buy CIP

    Hi hi, I have zilch experience with CIP's and hopefully this thread evolves over time to help others like me. My goal is to get good at conducting due diligence (also referred to as DD on the forums) Here's my plan: Search for CIP's in Melbourne in the <$500k range Pick some that...
  6. shuggy

    RP Data for commercial property Qld

    Hi, does anyone know if RP Data also monitors commercial property ? If anyone has access to RP Data in Qld can i please request a search be done on a complex. Any help would be marvelous.
  7. Martyn Fleming

    Creative solutions for occupying a commercial premises

    I'd be very interested in hearing your story in how you achieved a good outcome as a business owner (or anyone representing the owners). I'm particularly interested in arrangements that would not be considered 'mainstream' in a typical commercial contract (sale or lease). I'd like this to be...
  8. M

    Small Investments $50k-$250k

    I’m looking into purchasing small investments like car spaces or marine berthing – singular purchases $50k-$200k or so each. Can anyone advise on investments like this? Anyone here who owns, or has owned such investments and can share some information? I’ve done a small amount of...