1. U

    Need to Replace a Fence Post?

    G'day All, How's that back fence looking at your investment property? Maybe all you need to get it back upright is a fence post replaced. I just uploaded a vid showing how to set a fence post in concrete yourself. A pretty straight forward job when you know how. Check it out. The link is...
  2. ket

    price for concrete driveway

    Does anyone have any idea if there is a rough estimate you can do for a concrete driveway? Is it done per meter, linear meter, by volume or what? We want to either widen driveway and replace broken crossover then stencil, or replace the whole lot and pathways, then stencil. Had a quote a...
  3. G

    Good Restumping service in Brisbane ?

    Hi all, any recommendations ?
  4. concrete cancer

    concrete cancer

    Extensive rebuild of the corner using sikaflex HB610. his is rebuilt over a number of layers so end up being very time intensive. You can also see the tack of a reo rod which was recovered using the same product.
  5. concrete cancer

    concrete cancer

  6. bathroom reno - before

    bathroom reno - before

    Who the hell concrete's and then doesn't finish the surface. DIY'ers that's who.... Hard to believe this is a bathroom in a Queenslander on 900mm stumps with a CONCRETE bathroom floor....