construction loans

  1. U

    Land/Construction Loan

    A question for the many experienced brokers on here. Partner and I are looking to purchase a block of land inner city for $450k max, ideally with a 95% plus capped LMI (as we only have $45k cash available for the deposit), and then selling our current PPOR to build on the block to become the new...
  2. A

    Help to find 95% construction loan for investment property

    Hello I'd love some help with suggestions on who is currently offering finance for house and land packages being a construction loan for 95% for an investment property (not owner occupier). Our broker is telling us we will struggle to find a lender willing to go to 95% for construction. I did...
  3. S

    Help~ Finance for construction loan

    Hi all, first time posting thread here and wondering whether anyone can help me this. Background: I am doing my very first project in east Melbourne. The propety was bought at 500K+ (80% loan) and I am looking into a 3 townhouses development. The project has now in council awaiting for town...
  4. angel0death

    Help with construction loan for a granny flat

    I bought a house in the western suburbs of Sydney as investment, with the intention of building a granny flat in the back. I knew that I wouldn't be able to build the granny flat right away, because I don't have enough cash. So, I've been saving up for it. Recently, I called up my bank to...