contract of sale

  1. tempura

    Contract of Sale - Advice Needed

    First question: I saw in CoS the use of initial ... i.e. Jennifer X Lawrence Why the use of the initial X need to be explained by means of a statutory declaration? Just curious. Second question: there is a section called "Amendment to Title"; the company name shown on the title as...
  2. I

    Private Sale - how to prepare meeting

    We are in process of selling one of our Ip's and I have checked with the tenant to see if they are interested in purchasing. We will be having a meeting to discuss this, so far I have not engaged an Agent and I am confident to do the negations. Of course I would like to keep my cards close, but...
  3. S

    Surprise special conditions - what are my options?

    Hello, I am a newbie to Somersoft. I recently made an offer on a property after viewing an electronic copy of the contract of sale. When the hard copy arrived there were Special Conditions(SC) which were not in the electronic copy. These SC are not what I would want to agree to. Can I...