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    Conveyancer in NSW urgently

    Hello all, I've seen a property this afternoon and would like to move quickly on it. As such I'd like to get some conveyancing done as soon as possible. I realise that it's the weekend and many people may be uncontactable, however is anyone aware of a (good) conveyancer who may be available...
  2. B

    Conveyancer in parramatta

    Hi all, I would greatly appreciate your recommendations for a good conveyancer in the parramatta area. Apologies if it has been covered on another thread. Cheers, Bosco
  3. C

    Conveyancer or solicitor??

    I very well may cringe at asking this question but here goes. Talking with a fellow investor recently, we were discussing the costs of legal services for purchases. I used a solicitor where he used a conveyancing firm. While I am not so concerned about the costs, knowing that he uses the...
  4. D

    Conveyancer & Building Certificate - no rationale - revenue raising?

    Hi We are in the process of buying a house. I engaged a conveyancer, partly at the recommendation of a mortgage broker. So far I have been uncertain about a lot of the advice he has given. I check and research everything I am advised to do. In this case my checks have raised doubts about...
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    Lawyer / conveyancer recommendation?

    Hi, I engaged with a lawyer who started on a fixed quote, but understanding that it is urgent case, he is asking for 60% more fees. This is very frustating, given that he is holding my contract and we are close to exchange. Since I am disappointed, I would like to switch my lawyer. Would...
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    Finding a conveyancer...

    I am a new home buyer looking for a unit and would like to know how should I go about finding a good conveyancer. Do I need to get the opinion of conveyancer before signing the contract and handing in 0.25% deposit?