1. bentrails

    Conveyancer does not have a trust account

    Is it normal for a NSW conveyancer to not have a trust account to which a purchaser can electronically transfer a final balance owing at settlement? We recently purchased in SA and everything was very straightforward. Near the end of the settlement process our conveyancer provided a statement...
  2. B

    Conveyancer in parramatta

    Hi all, I would greatly appreciate your recommendations for a good conveyancer in the parramatta area. Apologies if it has been covered on another thread. Cheers, Bosco
  3. A

    Finding a conveyancer...

    I am a new home buyer looking for a unit and would like to know how should I go about finding a good conveyancer. Do I need to get the opinion of conveyancer before signing the contract and handing in 0.25% deposit?
  4. Luke

    DIY Conveyancing - Experiences and resources

    Just exploring - Has anyone here ever done their own conveyancing (without a professional background in it)... Any resources you'd recommend? Any you'd avoid? Thanks
  5. C

    Mortgage broker vs Mortgage advisor?

    What is the consensus view on this?