cooling off

  1. tempura

    Making offer then do reports

    Is there anything wrong with this way of purchasing property: 1. Make offer 2. If accepted, then sign contract. 3. Quickly do Building & Pest, Strata, Valuation reports. 4. Consult Solicitor. 5. If something is pear shape then cool off. ? The risk of the above is: penalty of cool-off...
  2. M

    Bank Valuation came under by 70k on Unit

    Hi all, At the stage where I am in cooling off and I was planning on putting down a 20% deposit. My broker said that banks may not do a valuation if you got 20% deposit. Anyway, yesterday we were told that the bank (CBA) will do a desktop valuation. Today?s result is that it came in at 70K...
  3. C

    Signing contract front page question

    Hi. In the current Sydney market most REAs are pushing for offers including .25% deposit and the front page of the contract signed. My question is..If you sign the front page, are you agreeing to the entire contract as it is? I.e. do you need to get any questionable special conditions/clauses...