1. K

    Settlement / Purchase costs

    Hi all, I'm looking at trying to buy my second I.P (thanks to the wonderful help of you magnificent forum members). I have a question on the acquisition of funds for settlement costs (such as stamp duty, conveyancing fees etc). I plan on taking a new loan at 95% LVR and have enough funds...
  2. jsoe

    existing garage conversion granny flat

    hi guys, I've read a few threads but my situation is slightly different. There's an existing garage and shed that we're planning to turn into a two bed 1 bathroom granny flat. We're living in the main house now. Since, we're using the existing structure, roof, etc. we're getting my brother to...
  3. J

    Connection to vacant block in Bendigo

    Hi all, Can anyone give me any info on the costs of connecting gas/water etc to a vacant block in Bendigo? I have heard anywhere between $25,000 - $100,000, there is power on the block next door, will that make it cheaper? I would appreciate any information. Thanks.