1. D

    Surveyor Costs and Project Management Fees

    Hello forum! I am a newbie...both to the forum and the property market :) 1st Project ....Looking to buy a block of land approx 2400 sqm with an existing house in Sydney SouthWest Growth Centre very soon (currently in the contract drafting stage). The plan is to retain the existing house...
  2. artdecolover

    HELP - your advice on reno for tiny 70's 1br flat

    I have seen this small but light filled 1br apartment and am considering securing it for my PPOR. I plan to live in it as long as it suits my single lifestyle (single city dweller), and hence plan to renovate this for myself, with the idea that into the future I could let it out when needed...
  3. Melbourne marketing costs

    Melbourne marketing costs

    Melbourne marketing costs
  4. M

    Reasonable property management charges

    I have recently had a tenant re-sign for a 12 month lease. My prop. manager has charged me $33 for re-lease and an additional charge for $506 for something. Same tenant re-signed, rent went up moderately in line with market. My understanding is, if a new tenant is signed there will be a charge...
  5. A

    2 IP's On Same Settlement Date

    Hi, Hoping someone here can help out with a little advice. We have a contract on a unit which is to settle on 23rd March 2011. We have just had an offer accepted on another unit, also to settle on 23rd March 2011. Both in Adelaide, SA. I remember reading about saving on purchase costs...
  6. A

    Purchasing an apartment- new to property

    Hi All, I'm preparing to purchase an apartment in Melbourne. This will be my first property. Depending on where I can afford to buy I may/may not live in it. Preferably I will be living in it. I was looking at some student accommodation in Carlton, but after reading someone elses post, I'm not...