council rates

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    Fees commercial vs residential

    What can I expect fee wise when getting involved in commercial property as opposed to residential? Are rates the same? Or is there extra due to being commercial? Insurances? Is there a general rule of thumb? TIA
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    Council Rate Comparisons

    Has anyone ever seen a good website that shows how expensive Local Council rates are in comparison with each other? I'm looking specifically for VIC, NSW or QLD councils. It's very hard to get a handle on whether an area's cashflow will be good, everythnig else being equal, when greedy...
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    High Council Rates in QLD?

    I am from Melb and bought my first IP in Logan area (Marsden) in QLD. Didn't take much of notice of high council rates in the area before I bought and now realised high council rates is eating up my cash flow:mad:. I pay $637 per quarter. This is quite high when you compare with Victoria. This...