1. G

    Side boundary reduction from 1.5m to 1m possible?

    HI I live in Brisbane and own a single storey house on land that is 20m wide by 40m deep in the suburbs. I want to extend the house toward the side boundary by 3m. Currently the side external wall is 4m from the existing side boundary. I understand that the closest a new building can be is...
  2. S

    Development Application for Strata Common Wall Increase

    Interesting case - in a building that is constituted by Residential strata and Commercial strata, commercial owners have decided to increase the common wall and despite no consent from residential owners, submitted a DA which was approved by the council...
  3. S

    Issues related to local councils

    Buying and managing a strata unit is a challenge sometimes, but the things can be worse if the property is located near an unscrupulous commercial tenants/proprietors. In some cases this is aggravated by local council. Here's an example of an issue when a property is located in a block...
  4. X

    Brisbane City Council Valuations

    Hi, does anyone know if there is any free, publicly assessable information about property valuations provided by the Brisbane City Council? What I'd like to do is compare an asking price with the council valuation. Thanks
  5. streetie

    Would you need council permission to do this?

    Take this picture for example, if I wanted to convert the garages into living space. Would I need permission from the council to take off the roller shutters and replace them with glass sliding doors for example and put in kitchen, bathroom etc..?
  6. T

    Buying without certification - bargain or brainless?

    Hi gang. This is my first post. :) I am looking at buying my second investment property, in the Ipswich area (4304, 4305). An interesting property is on the market only a stone's throw away from the University, close to transport links, shops etc. Its on a 825m2 corner block on a quiet...
  7. 2

    Granny flat help. Fence set back and council approval

    Hi I would love to get some feedback regarding council approval if anyone knows or has gone through something similar. I have a council approved 54m2 brick veneer double garage, concrete slab, 3.2m roof height, I'm on a corner block 600m2 and the garage has its own access from side street and...
  8. J

    Legality of easements & access

    I own an acreage block under Moreton Bay Regional Council, just north of Brisbane. About 15 years ago, they (now UnityWater) plumbed a sewerage trunk main with 5 manholes across the middle of the block. I have just done a title search and there are no easements listed on the property, so my...
  9. D

    Granny Flat - driveway needed?

    Hi, My father in-law is half-way through building a Granny flat for his newly married son + daughter in-law. It has been first approved as a shed with septic, running water, but no internals. A DA for conversion to a granny flat was applied for through the local council. The council are...
  10. B

    Council making me build Stormwater to street

    I have just received a planning permit for a rear dwelling subdivision from Banyule council however this is under the proviso that we connect up the stormwater for the new rear dwelling, not to the existing properties stormwater, but to the end of the main street (approximately 65 metres from...
  11. M

    Council wants easement on my property...ADVICE SOUGHT PLEASE

    Hello everyone... :) I am new to this forum, and the reason I joined was to ask for advice from others who know way more about these particular situations than I do, so I'm hoping that I'm not out of line by posting here. The situation: The local Council has come to us requesting that we...
  12. J

    Adding a semi-detached dwelling

    Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to post this. I have a large amount of land on my property that we do not use and and have been meaning to do something with. It could easily be split off from my property to create an allotment with 9 metre street frontage and a 40 metre depth. I...
  13. V

    Rennovate or sub-divide

    All, As the name suggests I am new to this! I purchased a house in Glenelg North (SA) in 2007 for 389K. It is on 680sqm, is in great condition with scope to extend (currently 2BR and 1 bath). The house is currently tennanted while I am OS for a year or two and I am looking to develop. My...
  14. B

    Unit Development Fee Proposal

    I have received a fee proposal for designing and submitting plans for a four unit development in the newcastle city council area. It is my first development and was hoping that someone could advise me on whether this schedule of fees is reasonable or if there are any parts that i could easily do...