credit card

  1. fenix

    Anyone successfully doing this?

    Is anyone successfully doing this on a massive scale? What are your experiences so far? Link To News Article
  2. B

    Automated system to pay IP outgoings

    Hi guys I'm just wanting to know what's the most effective way to pay the outgoings for your investment properties. At the moment i have one IP but have aspirations to have many more in the years to come. At the moment my IP is managed through an agent and they simply deduct bills (rates...
  3. D

    Increasing Credit Card Limit - will it go on my credit history report

    I currently have an ANZ credit card with a $1,900 limit. I wish to increase it to a $3,000 limit. I have already received pre-approval letters from the bank etc for this amount. I would prefer that the limit increase does not appear on my credit history, as it is already crowded with loan...