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    Agents liabilities ????

    Guys, I need some advice. I recieved a call from my managing agent today to update me on the condition of one of my investment properties post tenants moving out. He informed me that the house is a mess. Blinds have been all but destroyed, carpet in two rooms will need replacing and a good clean...
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    landlord how to claim damage from bond to VCAT?

    * which applications should be used? I think these are the needed forms: 1: summary_of_proofs_landlord_bond_compensation[1]: http://www.vcat.vic.gov.au/system/files/summary_of_proofs_landlord_bond_compensation%5B1%5D.pdf 2: the general application form...
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    These cheap uprights always have some sort of gap to allow fat and grease to get down the side... great!
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    Goodness knows how they did this!
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    Demolition co. damaged the fence

    I used services of a demolition company and the common fence with one of the neighbors fell over after the demolition company. The posts / pillars were in the concrete driveway and the when the driveway being removed it uprooted the posts. I called up Gavin, the owner, and he suggested that...
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    Please Help us! Termite damage and control options

    Dear friends, We just bought our first house a couple months ago in Sydney. It's a brick veneer house on piers, about 50 years old. We recently discovered some termite damages in the laudry's wall cavity and fscia. We got a professonal pest guy to inspect our home, he didn't find any active...
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    Negligence claim against agent help please

    Info please re one of the items claimed against real estate negligence in general division OFT. The laundry cabinet (lined internally with white melamine, external hardwood) was full of mould and damp and smelly. On the final inspection report the PM had not mentioned its condition, (along with...
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    Tenants Damaged Property

    Hi, ive been renting out my house privately and the tenants have damaged the front gutters, they claim that they didnt do it and got extremely aggressive over the situation, i have photos of the gutter before they moved in but they still deny it. I did make a mistake of not getting a condition...