1. Scott No Mates

    Challenging a will - Queensland

    Is it possible to challenge a will years after it has gone through probate? The person who wants to challenge is the expartner of a (non-dependent) adult child who thinks that they might be in for some easy money.
  2. Spades

    What happens if you die before settlement?

    Hi all, Don't know if this has been covered but what are the legalities if this situation happened? Just thinking out loud and don't mean to be morbid,just curious. Cheers Spades.
  3. Richard Feynman

    Perception of time (brace yourself).

    We all know time subjectively passes quicker as we age. Remember the endless summers as a child? Then suddenly the work weeks are flying by, next it's years. Well, for those of you interested, there's a simple formula to calculate how long it will "feel" like between now and a future age. Are...