1. B

    Going into debt & the market questions?

    Hey all, I've heard about gearing a home loan for a IP and be able to claim the interest on tax. So my 1st question is.. Is it financially smart to go out and get a loan to purchase a couple of smallish IP's, say totalling $1 million +? Assuming you get accepted for a $1,000,000 loan in the...
  2. L

    Debt shuffling and tax deductibility

    Hey All! I have had a great time reading your forums for the last few months and I finally got around to signing up! I am really excited to join the SS club ;) A little about me... I am 20-something just finishing up my undergrad studies which is very exciting! On an impulse of sorts with...
  3. B

    from people in the know

    Hey guys here's the situation. $113,000 in equity Loan and credit debt of $55,000 Obviously want IP's Should I get rid of all my debt ($55,000) first or can you suggest an alternate plan that allows everything to happen at once
  4. Ealbech

    Maximum limit of debt for a person

    I want to start building my investment portfolio in property, I need to understand will my future debt in IP hinder my ability to buy more expensive PPOR? I'm a contractor so it's not an easy to get good loan nowdays. Do banks calculate total debt for a person before approving him a loan...
  5. Richard Feynman

    Your property investment debt.

    To ensure consistency, I am asking: "How much total debt do YOU carry against your investment properties only?". If you've got a partner, include only your share of debt (based on ownership)*. Land holdings and developments also count. Shares, PPOR mortgages and the like do not...
  6. J

    townhouse vs duplex

    Hi, i'm looking to buy my first property, but i want to make it a rental property in 2 years. I've two options: Town house for 283K and a duplex for 338K both I guess will have low vacancy rate. At the current market the first one can be leased for 300$ pw and second one for 320$. will it...