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    Tax deductions - Interest in Advance

    Hi, I am in the process of setting up a Fix rate Interest only home loan that allows advance payment of annual interest. While I am aware of the benefits, I am not sure about how (and what accounts) to receive the rental income so that it does not become idle money for the year (not...
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    When to use offset and redraw?

    Hi All Long time follower of ss but first time poster :) I have read a number of posts in relation to this topic already and am somewhat :confused: so apologies in advance... My simplified understanding is as below…I would be grateful if someone can please shed light in respect to tax...
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    timing of shower base replacement - tax

    I'm soon going to move out of my PPOR as we are moving to Perth, and will rent it out as an IP. Our shower base is badly cracked. We plan to replace it with a new base. Would it be deductable if we do the replacement when the house is 'available for rent' but before tenant moves in... or...
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    Stamp duty as a tax deduction in the ACT - but purchased off the plan

    I am struggling to find information on this online, and the ATO aren't being particularly helpful. I'm sure someone else has come up against this so figured I would ask. I have purchased a unit off the plan in Canberra. Purchased in 2008, stamp duty paid in June 2009. However, the unit is...